Common terms and definitions used in our Hololight Space, Hololight Stream and Hololight Hub developer documentation.

A - D

Former brand name of our Hololight Space LT application. More information regarding our rebranding you can find here.
AR 3S Pro / CloudFormer brand name of our Hololight Space application. More information regarding our rebranding you can find here.
Application that runs on an end-user's device (AR/VR headsets) and interacts with a server  application.
Application that is hosted and maintained by cloud service providers, relieving users from the burden of managing the underlying hardware and software infrastructure.

E - H

FAQPage where we answered our customer's frequently asked questions. More information you can find here.
Hololight Hub
Global immersive ecosystem for centrally hosting, managing and streaming AR/VR applications. For more information, refer to this article.
Hololight SpaceXR engineering application for AR and VR devices. For more information, refer to this article.
Hololight Space LT
Version of Hololight Space application with some features limitations.
Additional application to Hololight Space. It allows the user to visualize, in real time the interactions of colleagues with the loaded objects displayed as holograms on your iPad Pro. 
Hololight Stream SDK
Remote rendering solution designed to stream high-quality XR experiences from local servers or cloud-based infrastructure. For more information, refer to this article.
Token generated after an user is created on our Hololight Space management portal.

I - M

Infrastructure as a service
ISAR SDKFormer brand name of our Hololight Stream SDK. More information you can find here.
Known Issues
Details about known issues and limitations related to our applications are updated on every release and published under "Known Issues" on our Release Notes.
  1. For Hololight Space please refer to this guide.
Minimum Requirements
Specifications to ensure the utmost level of operational efficiency between Hololight Space (server) for PC and Hololight Space (client) for Microsoft HoloLens 2, Meta Quest 2/3/Pro and Magic Leap 2.
  1. For Hololight Space refer to this article.
  1. For Hololight Stream refer to this article.

N - Q

Platform as a Service.
Is a feature on headsets that allows the user to step outside the view in VR to see a real-time view of your surroundings.

R - U

Release Notes
Release notes is a document that contains all the new features, improvements and known issues of our applications: 
  1. For Hololight Space.
  2. For Hololight Stream.
Software as a Service.
Server-side application that runs on a server and provides resources to other devices, known as clients, over a network.
SpaceUser work space within the Hololight Space application.
Troubleshooting Guide
Within this guide, you will discover curated solutions to prevalent challenges:
  1. For Hololight Space, refer to this article.
  1. For Hololight Stream, refer to this article.