Hololight Space 2023.1.1.0 Release Notes

Hololight Space 2023.1.1.0 Release Notes

Hololight Space 2023.1.1.0 Release Notes

Release Month:         March/2024              Version: 2023.1.1.0  


  1. Support for new devices: Meta Quest 3 and Magic Leap 2.

  2. Focus Plane hologram stability via Hololight Stream - HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2 devices.

  3. Switch manually between the Codecs H264 and H265.

What's new in this version   

Below you will find Hololight Space new features:

New Features

Switch Between Codecs - All Devices
The user can switch manually between the codecs H264 and H265.
Depth Buffer - HoloLens 2

Depth Buffer can be enable on the HoloLens 2 client.
Focus Plane - HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap 2
Focus plane hologram stability via Hololight Stream.
Color Options - Meta Quest 2/3 devices
Floor shader and floor high adjustment color options available.


Image Video UpdateDemo Video for 'Media Player' has been updated with the latest marking material.

Animation Player
  • The time slider makes noise constantly when an animation is playing.

Connectivity Client -> Server
  • User may experience issues when connecting Hololight Space server to the client. In this case, close the windows of all the application.

Collision detection
  • Outline + turns into a bugged outline mode if the user closes the 'Space Manager'.

  • Object reacts on widgets ('Bounding Box', 'Move Tool', etc).

Cross section
  • User can still scale the primitives when its locked.

  • Cube primitive 'Lock to' dropdown interferes with 'Sphere' primitive clipping button.

Hand Collision
  • Resetting 'Hand Collision' breaks Captured 'Hand Color'.

  • Captured hands loose colors when Hand Intersection effect from Hand Collision Detection Menu is used.

  • User's virtual hand becomes red after using Hand Intersection and then another 'Hand Collision Detection'.

  • User’s virtual hand gets darker after using 'Hand Intersection'.

  • If one user goes to 'Hand Collision Detection' tool, all recorded hands will lose their assigned colors and turn red.  

Hand Pose Capture
  • Recorded hands have far/ close interaction and lose assigned colors when disappear from view.

  • 'Record'/'Stop' button in 'Hand Pose Capture' panel changes status when leaving the menu.

  • List shows less than 4 items when scrolling down even when more items should be displayed.

Object Tracking
  • Does not work when object is imported with other scaling than 1:1 or scaled after importing.

Options menu
  • 'QRCode Object Alignment' functionality is available in VR, but it cannot be used due to technical limitations of the device.

Virtual Keyboard
  • Shift key on virtual keyboard is unusable in some menus.

  • The shift pushbutton for the keyboards looks like it is activated constantly.

  • In Omniverse login screen the shift key on the virtual keyboard cannot be used.

  • Password should start with a capital letter followed by only lower case letters.

Know Issues - all devices

Server File Name
  1. Due to technical reasons, the Hololight Space server installer file name is 2023.1.1.4. This is the correct sever build for the 2023.1.1.0 release.
Controllers (Meta Quest and Magic Leap clients)
  • When using controllers, the 'Grab Box' does not rotate. The functionality works when using the hands instead of the controllers.

Cross Section Menu
  • When a user activates the 'Align to Model' dropdown menu, the expanded options overlay significantly obstructs the 'Clipping Sides' dropdown, making it both not selectable until the initial dropdown menu is collapsed.

File Browser
  • Some .asm files do not finish the loading process.

Hand Collision
  1. Captured hands might change colors when Hand Intersection effect from 'Hand Collision Detection Menu' is used.
  1. If one user goes to Hand Collision Detection tool, all recorded hands will lose their assigned colors and turn red.
Hand Pose
  1. When closing the 'Tools Panel' while recording a 'Hand Pose' before the countdown concludes, the countdown will pause, and the final number in the countdown will remain centered in the user's view.
  2. Recording a 'Hand Pose' capture and playing it afterwards, the capture can still interact with far and near objects/elements.
  3. Recording is canceled and deleted, if the user exits the 'Hand Pose Capture Panel'.
  • When object had been select with 'Select all' or 'Select Root', it is not possible to de-select children of the object individually.

  • Undocked Multimedia Control Panel moves together with Multimedia Window.

Multiuser Session
  • No notification is sent during a 'Multiuser' session if one or more users are in "Demo Mode" while sharing a file. In such instances, only the fully licensed user will receive the file, and the demo user will not receive it.

Object Collision
  • When the outline mode is enabled the object cannot be selected with selection tools. It is possible to select it within the hierarchy tree of the Space Manager.

  • 'Object Collision Detection' reacts on manipulation widgets.

Object Tracking
  • 'Object Tracking Menu' can be opened without having the checkmark on 'Tracking'. If then user clicks on the “Start Tracking” button without the checkmark on “Tracking”, the tracking does not start.

Quick Tools
  • 'View Distance' toggle is available in 'Quick Tools Configurator' when in VR mode.

  • When 'Hand Menu' is left open while using the Meta Quest client. If the user disconnects and connects the HoloLens 2 client, the 'Quick Tools Hand Menu' is not available anymore.

  • Sometimes when closing the Server application, an Unity crash notification occurs. This bug has an underlying problem in Unity.

Space Manager
  • Delete button for 'Wire Clip' in 'Flexible Parts' does not rotate to the user. Button is still functional.

  • When loading a saved 'Space' that has measurements in it, only one of the measurements is loaded.

  • After loading a saved 'Space', the 'Space Root', including 'Space Objects', 'Space Tools' are missing on the 'Space Manager'.

Stack Objects
  • When user compares two objects within the 'Tools/Object Comparison', then turn off 'Display Comparison', the 'Divider Plane' is not updated with a new orientation provided by the new comparison mode.

User Experience

  1. Sometimes interaction on the right hand gets lost. After interaction with the left hand, interaction for the right hand is restored.
  2. Panels don't move on realign.

Additional Known Issues per Device

Depth Buffer
  • When enabling the 'Depth Buffer' on the HoloLens 2 client and using the 'Hand Capture Tool', the captured hands flicker. This might only occur when the users hands are not in the field of view.

Magic Leap 2 
Hand Capture Menu
  • Once another value for the countdown has been selected, re-selecting the '3 Seconds' option is not possible.

Hand Mesh
  • The 'Hand Mesh' has a splinter on the thumb and depending on the hand position there are cracks in the fingers.

  • Sometimes the 'Hand Mesh' fingers suddenly move, even when the hand is resting.

Hand Ray
  • Sometimes when trying to move the 'Hand Ray' upwards, the ray freezes on the middle of the screen.

QR Code Scanning
  • QR code scanning, such as does 'Realign Space with QR Code' or 'Align Object via QR Code' may not work on the first attempt. The QR scanning process might need to be repeated several times to be successful.

Meta Quest 2/3
Bounding Box
  • Interaction with the 'Bounding Box' (such as movement, scaling, rotation, etc.) is not possible when using the Meta Quest client controllers.

    • Interaction with the 'Bounding Box' remains functional when using hands.

Teleport Ray
  • When using the 'Teleport Ray' in VR, the ray does not end up on the floor, but some cm above it.

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