Welcome to our (new) Community!

Welcome to our (new) Community!

As part of our ongoing effort to improve all of our products at Hololight and the necessary communication between you and our teams, we’ve improved and extended our support features.

Introducing the Community Hub!

The Community Hub inside Hololight Support allows us to work together in building a powerful community around the products you engage with and we build.

You have your choice of the type of content you would like to post and make your voice be heard! Choose from:

Ideas – thought of an amazing idea of improving existing features or even a new one that you’re missing out on? Let us know and even collaborate with fellow users!

Questions – Just have a question that just doesn’t quite get answered by KB articles or a ticket? Check in with your fellow AR experts and catch all the deets!

Problems – Experience an ongoing problem that isn’t quite a bug or feel that qualifies as a bug and want feedback from the community or us? Hold us accountable and share the issues you are experiencing here!

Discussions – Just have something you want to get off your chest or want to collaborate with our amazing partners and customers? This will be the right place for just that!

Additionally, show off your know-how and engagement with community badges. Showing other (and newer users) that you know your stuff and are able to share your experiences and insights with confidence! Let the games begin 😊.

This is just one of the many steps we’ve taken to improve and optimize your support experience while engaging with our products. So why not drop us a line below and share you thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Hololight Support Team